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Help with the game / Re: Multimages
« : septiembre 15, 2008, 04:38:02 am »
This option does not appear to exist there though. It looks more like a reporting page? I am not sure that I want to "report" us. We arent doing anything wrong just if they do an IP run I dont wish to be banned. It's all in Spanish and no place for me to put Hey we are separate people but playing from the same IP address. We have 2 separate computers here and the closest option is "Playing from the same PC" If my IP got banned I think I would cry...... I only know this option says this because of an Spanish to English translator on the web... please advise..... I sent a letter to the Mage who was id #1 and I posted here before he signed up.....My letter asked if the game needed some sort of verification or something for us to be able to play together. If it matters and for the record we are on the Super Blitz Server.

Help with the game / Re: Multimages
« : septiembre 15, 2008, 04:24:43 am »
Oh ok thats simple enough, and yeah I am not into the cheating thing........AT ALL. We are allied but will never persue the same targets. Just wanted to be able to play together :)

Help with the game / Re: Multimages
« : septiembre 15, 2008, 01:49:33 am »
ok. I am new here and I sent a message to the mage (#1) on my server. My husband will also be playing this game, but we have the same IP address. I do not know what else I need to do. I am Ellistrey on both the servers I play in and I do not yet know what his user name will be. If I need to do something more please let me know we do not want to be banned. We just want to play together.

I have not heard back from the guy on my server as of yet, and don't know where else to post this.....

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