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Mensajes - Staff Sgt. Knerr

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"union USMC Sargent Staff Knerr(#47) are TCH but for DIRTY operations."

I disrepute it. We at USMC have no link to any outside guild , and I myself only did a random to SUN mage.

Mage 913 , cocacola , serenized me prior to randoms of other mages. That earned him our undivided atention in the form of MS and D&D spells from myself and my fellow guildmate.

This Belen character seems a little out of his/her mind. Please , see the nearest sanitarium or asylum to drop it , thanks.


Sala de banquetes / Nueva edicion de la competicion
« : abril 08, 2005, 06:27:01 pm »
Some ppl has waaaaay too much free time.

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