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Fast research
« : Agosto 29, 2006, 12:34:47 pm »
How can I do a fast research?? I don´t know what that means.
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Re: Fast research
« Respuesta #1 : Septiembre 11, 2006, 02:23:57 am »
mass guilds (gremios)
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Re: Fast research
« Respuesta #2 : Diciembre 08, 2006, 10:00:23 am »
what you can do to research fast is explore, get towns and farms.  Then geld for one day.  Then destoy all but 10 towns and about 50 farms.  destrpy all but about 200 or so Workshops.  Then destroiy all barrs and and everything else.  Keep about 10 forts and about 50 nodes.  Then everything else be guilds.  You should be able to get about 1400+ guilds pending on your lland size.  Then research.  The more land you have the more guilds you can have for faster research.  But make sure you have over 100 million geld otherwise you'll be hurting.  As you researxch you'll gain items.  Sage stones are your friends.  Use them when you start getting real low on cash.  Do not use them right away because peopel will pillage you.  So you will want to use them as your survival tool.  ALso, as you start getting real low on cash, go ahead and sell some items that you wont need.  If you find your self in a ral bind and unable to keep up, go ahead and destroy your guilds, and rebuild towns and farms and geld.  Or you can easily pillave and save alot of time there.  Depending on your playing style.  Personally I will pillage, saves time, saves effort and saves turns.