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« : Enero 24, 2004, 08:32:04 pm »

The programming of the game will be stopped on Monday 26th to check all server accounts and erase every multimage.

1) Actions to take

1.1 the server will be looked over in search of multis, they will not have time to appeal , multi found multi wiped out.

1.2 Every guild with multis will be erased from server.

1.3 The only way to save your mages will be sending a msg by the game to the mage #1, saying wich is the main mage and its multis. This way the main mage wouldn\'t be erased.

1.4 Althought some guilds may say I\'ve got n multis, if I find more I\'ll bear in mind the actions of the guilds to wipe out multimages from server to see if it is erased or not.

1.5 email accounts will be banned forever.

1.6 ips will be banned forever from the game if a great multimages activity is found.

1.7 mages that play from cafés, universities or jobs wont be erased, provided that \"I\" think they play from those sites, if the records shows otherwise, they\'ll be erased.

1.8 You have till Wednesday 28th 23:00 server time to give me the information of your multis and to save from the banning your main mages.                    
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