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A. Arena

Here you can see the description and the statistics (total of acres, power, ranking) of a mage simply placing the ID number. When you play in a Server with guilds it is always a good idea to know who will attack, or maybe you can be wrapped in one of the so well-known Guild Wars.

B. Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia keeps basic information (costs, descriptions, etc.) of units, spells, items, heroes and constructions. It is an important resource to be able to use your resources efficiently to form your army.

C. Ranking

This link will take you to a screen where you'll see the top 10 mages in the Server and to those mages near your range of power, showing its totals of lands, magic types and guilds. Using this page can look for your targets to attack or simply to know how are you doing with your Kingdom or also to look for good allies that help you to prosper.

D. Black Market

1. Bidding
When you offer a quantity of money in the Black Market, another mage in the Server has 30 minutes to overcome your offer. If your offer is overcome, you will receive a message warning you that they overcame your offer and that if you want to return to offer again. Also, when your offer is overcome the money that you invested returns immediately to your bill.
Be careful when you buy, check well as much as these placing for an item or hero because the errors won't be fixed by the staff of the game. Another thing is that you cannot buy anything in the Black Market during your first 120 turns.

2. Antique Store
Here you can buy or sell items. To sell an item click in the inferior part of the page of the Store, then place the price that you want and click in accepting. to buy an item search the one that you want, click in ordering and place the wanted quantity (minimum needs to place 5% of the base price). Some Old Items and Unique Items appear occasionally in the store, but  remembers that they are strange and they don't appear continually. Also check that you have to wait 30 minutes to be able to take the item and in that term your offer can be overcome.

3. Exotic Magic
Here it is where the basic and complex spells of the different available magic appear in the game, all with a base price. If you want to have one just place your offer and wait the 30 minutes. When winning the spell your magic level will be increased in 7 points. The higher punctuation, higher will be the creatures that you summon and also smaller the percentage that you fail a spell.

4. Heroes Tavern
The big heroes of Terra can always be found in this place. If you want to hire one you should put the money that you want to offer and click in "order". Check out that you can only have one hero's type in your Kingdom (easy to say that if you have a veteran , you cannot hire other veteran). Also once hired a hero you can't sell him in the Tavern again - any hero that is respected would never allow him to be bought and sold like livestock -. However, if you want to dismiss anyone you can say goodbye to him in the Hero section.
Check that all the heroes (battle and no battle) win experience for every turn past and for battle won.
Certain heroes also have abilities that they learn as their experience increases.
Finally, all the battle heroes automatically will unite your troops in the moment of the battle. The heroes of more level usually take the control of the more powerful stack and so forth. If the stack that the hero commands is eliminated, your hero will die.

5. Swords for hire
There is always in Terra groups of mercenaries that want to make money using their abilities. In this place you can find units that are generally different of the barrack units of each magic type. If you want to hire them place your offer and click in order.