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A. Creating your Mage

In this window the first thing you will see are the terms and some recommendations/requirements that we ask you to make your game as funny and legal possible.

Then you'll see a little explanation from every magic available for you to choose, obviously each color's guide will be published as soon as possible.

Once you read all this stuff, proceed to write the name of your mage, you secret password, the magic you would like to use, your email for your validation code and finally the country you live and the language you know (Spanish or English).

B. Validating your Mage

When you get registered in the Archmage, by providing us your email we'll send you a validation code, that, once you spent 150 you activate it and become an approved mage, if not your account will be deleted in 3 days.

This validation code is extremely necessary to avoid bots in the game and at the same time track multiplayers that had more than one permitted account.

C. Navigating through your Window

When we are at the kingdom's screen it's very important to know how to use all the links to switch pages. This window won't refresh until you press the refresh button in your Explorer window. Be very careful with this button when you've already attacked someone or cast a spell because it can be very disastrous for you, likewise keep in mind your Status Report to know if you are prospering or going into bankrupt.


D. The First 100 turns

Now the first thing that you should know is that your kingdom is under protection for being a new mage. Through this way we give you an opportunity to strength a bit your kingdom and develop your empire. Of course under this stage your actions will be very limited. Firstly, you won't be able to attack another mage. Second, you won't be able to recruit any type of troop and lastly, you won't be able to buy anything in the Black Market.