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« : Marzo 17, 2009, 08:21:10 pm »
-lichs and mind rippers now have siege and markmanship
-more lichs per summon
-values of fatige has been risen
-random markmanship has been risen
-casting summon elemental will get more ice than the other 2
-attacks that dont kill a unit get a power counter of 1000
-Pillages dont show the defender stack
-battle lust powered up!
-hallucination now gives power counter of 1 (when the attacker cant found your lands)

active in super and blitz. after reset it goes to slower servers

c ya!

Next upgrades: (maybe next week lol!)

-fixing the last 7 uniques items
-god's spells working with self spells... not revoke one another
-heroes asigned by formula of units in battle and not for power
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